3 Cheap and Reliable SSD VPS Hostings

It’s been a long time since the last post, for this month I will start a series about getting started with an unmanaged VPS hosting. So, as a starter I will introduce you some cheap and reliable SSD VPS hostings to help getting started with it. There are only 3 VPS options here, the lesser the options the better decision you can make.

What is SSD VPS? SSD stand for Solid State Drive, generally it’s the same as the traditional VPS, only the specification of the PC used for the virtualization is a little different. SSD offer faster I/O (research said it’s 100 times faster than HDD) and a lower failure rate. On the flip side the cost per unit of storage is higher.

OpenVZ or KVM? Some of the VPS hosting will offer you 2 options for its VPS virtualization. KVM is true virtualization where the VPS operates as its own server, independently of the host node. OpenVZ is a container style of virtualization which relies on the host node’s kernel. KVM has no restrictions in terms of functionality, but it has more overhead than OpenVZ. OpenVZ is constrained by the host node kernel, but it has less overhead in the containers themselves. KVM is generally more stable than OpenVZ. KVM is not a dedicated environment. Both virtualizations share host CPU and network port among all VPSs.

Now you should have understand what is the SSD VPS, let’s choose one for you.

1. Digital Ocean


One of the top SSD VPS with cheap price is www.digitaloacean.com, It also offers DNS Management which is really helpful for a newbie to pointing a domain. Digital Ocean also cover a wide range of Multi-data server location which are US, Europe & Asia.

2. Ramnode


Ramnode is growing bigger. The server location coverage is inferior to Digital Ocean but the price for a high specification VPS is much cheaper. It also offer more spec variation to help you choose the VPS hosting. One of the great feature is the SolusVM Control Panel add-on for all of the VPS package, this is a great help for newbie that want to have its own VPS.

3. VPSDime


If you’re in need for High Memory and Cheap VPS, this one is to go. With $7/month you can have a 6GB RAM and 4 Cores CPU, it’s quite an offer. I’ve used this server to host several applications that require high RAM. That’s the one and only great feature, for its Premium VPS package it will cost you quite a lot than the other 2.