Modding Dragon Hills Save File

Have you played Dragon Hills game? it’s a really funny game where you only need to tap and hold your mobile phone to take control of a very dangerous Dragon in this action-packed adventure and help the furious princess on her revenge mission. Slide down the hills jumping into and out of the ground, crashing and destroying everything on your way.

Just like Tap Titan games, this game also used save game which we can hack to add more golds to the game without needed to use the in-app purchase feature.

Let’s jump to the modding part. It’s quite easy without much work, you only need to change a few HEX code to make it works.

First, plug-in your phone to your PC. Then open this folder


Copy the D_Game.XML file to your PC. If you don’t have a hex editor then you can download and install SweetScape 010 Editor. After installing the editor, open the D_Game.XML file in your 010 Editor.

In 010 Editor, select View > Edit As > Hex, then you’ll get something like the screenshot below.


Here is the hardest part, you need to find the HEX code for your gold value, to make it easier prepare your programmer calculator to converting Decimal value to the Hexadecimal.

In my Dragon Hills data, I have 976 Gold, and on the Level 7. The hexadecimal for 976 is 3D0 or 03D0, and decimal 7 will be the same as hexadecimal 7. I used the Find feature in 010 Editor to find the hexadecimal code using Ctrl+F and search for “D0”, since the value of the hex might be reversed in the file so 03D0 might become D0 30.

A little tricks on searching your gold and level value as can be seen in the screenshot below.

  • Green = The level
  • Red = The gold (in reversed hex),
  • Orange = Key area to search your value
  • Blue = search the orange box above this area, it’s easier to notice this area, use this as a base.


Next, change the D0 30 hexadecimal value,  FF is the highest value for a hexadecimal. And 65535 is the highest you can get, so edit the hexadecimal of D0 30 into FF FF, this will give you 65535 gold.


Now, save this file, and then put it back to your


Replace the D_Game.XML, Do not forget to backup the old save file to prevent unwanted error.

If you’re doing it correctly, you’ll get 65535 as your gold like the screenshot below.


That’s all for the tutorial, if you want the save file you can download it in the end of this post. happy modding 🙂

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